ETXCOIN’s Features


Miners can use their ASIC’s & GPU’s to achieve a reward by creating a block of transactions.

Hybrid Algorithm

Etxcoin supports both Proof of Work (POW) & Proof of Stake (POS) Hashing Algorithm.

Hardware & Paper wallet

You can create a paper wallet that includes the wallets address & Private Key. Hardware wallet are available on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) & Mac(OS X).


Investors can stake using ETXCOIN’s hardware wallet and receive a transaction validation reward.

Fast Transactions

A block is found every 120 seconds (2 minutes), each block is 4MB.


ETXCOIN’s faucet will Dispense coins to visitors.

Introduction to ETXCOIN

What is the total supply of ETXCOIN?

The total supply of ETXCOIN is 52,000,000.

How many coins has been pre-mined?

31,000,000 ETXCOIN’s has been pre-mined to balance between mining and staking.

What’s is the block reward for mining?

The block reward is 50 ETXCOIN’s per block, each block takes 120 seconds (2 minutes) to be solved. Block reward will be halved every 210,000 blocks.

The yearly interest for staking ETXCOIN is 11% annually, the stakeholders must mint their coins for 10 days before becoming eligible to stake. If you stake your coin will receive a transaction validation fee depending on the amount of ETXCOIN their staking.

What is the staking yearly interest?